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how to translate English there? I suddenly felt the chill invade bone,turbo 12.
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   he closed his eyes. the situation is not the worst of times..." "Strange" Tan Bin interrupted "isn't that what you want"" Cheng Ruimin lifted his face and his tired face was clearly troubled "what are you talking about" I didn't expect it to be the result so I was in a hurry to get back" The lips of Tan Bin reveal a sardonic chuckle: "Cheng Ruimin can I ask you a few questions" "You said" Cheng Ruimin understood that there was something out of his control and that he had to stand up and give him up "You told me that you and your father stalemate the ten years so why people say that Puda Tian Jun and Lee director of friendship is from you and your father" Cheng Ruimin color change just staring at her speechless "You think it's strange right Unfortunately others will be willing to get cheap silk night You have always been cautious this time how so careless Did you forget the world there is no wall" "Who told you that Tony" After the process of confusion including asking a the wrong questions Tan Bin really sensitive to seize the loopholes Yu Yonglin also inserted a leg No wonder" She sneered "do you do sales on this child is it reach the peak of perfection Not only try a burglary of a bin also let a person fifteen year old daughter lust bud chengruimin I to you is really admire " Cheng Ruimin stared at her without a sound totally unexpected that delicate soft lips can spit out such harsh words "I just don't understand what are you for MPL afraid of a mere MPL but also the wheel of your favor That is for the new partner" Tan Bin suddenly realized that the situation was even more dramatic than she had imagined "Yu Yonglin did he know No at the moment he was afraid that he had just come out of a bar He was not aware that he was being used by his best friend... then it should be no one will tell the prince, " Strange sounds. staring still in a daze of Xiao Jingrui,purple hyperdunks 2013, Come on,nike wrestling shoes inflict, Tuesday came back,nike air max flat feet, Afterwards.

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